Better to use vagisil, summers eve, or nothing?

I would like to kno wat you think
By: Tiff.007
Member since Oct 31, 2011
Posted: on Nov 01, 2011
I've heard that soap n water will do it n its better not to use anything. I like using summers eve..but vagisil helps for clensing n it also eliminates yeast infections.
By: Anjelle
Member since May 01, 2011
Posted: on Nov 01, 2011
Ok thank u
By: jodide
Member since Aug 17, 2011
Posted: on Nov 01, 2011
The best thing is soap and water. Vagisil may deal with the symptoms of a yeast infection, but they don't get rid of them. ONLY medication will heal a yeast infection.
And when you say Summers Eve, do you mean douche or vag wash? Douching is NOT good for our bodies. It often eliminates good bacteria and it changes the healthy pH, often making it easier for an infection, like bacterial vaginosis, to take over.
Don't use anything too strongly scented or too harsh.
Hope that answers your questions.
By: Nomih3
Member since Nov 02, 2011
Posted: on Nov 02, 2011
Soap can cause irritation... You.need something that has no scent or dye and that is the right PH level for you Vaginal... Not to Acidic and not to Alkaline... Ive been using the Nivea Natural one for years and love it. Choose it after alot of research...
By: lilin82
Member since Oct 30, 2011
Posted: on Nov 02, 2011
every gyno I have had says do not ever use douches and the only soaps to use are regular unscented and dye free like Dove unscented, ivory or the summers Eve, vagisil washes. Never use antibacterial soaps either, they wash away good bacteria.
By: Tiffany85
Member since Sep 28, 2011
Posted: on Nov 02, 2011
I use dove soap on a wash cloth and water if I'm sweating and smell a little funny I use baking soda its safe and takes away any smell on your body even the oil on your body

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