Ok so i dry humped like the second week of july then after that i took 2 pregnancy test they both came out negative now im supposed to have my period this friday but i have not signs of period so i took another pregnancy test and came out negative so im not pregnant just might be late on my period right? because we disnt have sex just dry hump with clothes on of course lol
By: kenziepluto4
Member since Jul 30, 2012
Posted: on Aug 01, 2012
Your not pregnant. It's just a late period!! You will be fine!!
By: diamond1993
Member since Mar 23, 2012
Posted: on Aug 01, 2012
aww ok thank you i stress over little thigs seriously!:/
By: CAgirl123
Member since Apr 03, 2012
Posted: on Aug 22, 2012
No there's no way you could be pregnant!!!! Relax :)

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