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How do I add a period?
In Pink Pad, a period is one or more days of consecutive flow. So to add a period, simply tap on a day in the calendar and select a value for Flow that reflects the heaviness of your flow. If it's the first day of a previous period, you will be asked if you'd like to automatically add days after the period. If you opt to do this, the number of days added will be equal to the average period length, or the default period length if you've chosen to ignore averages. If you are currently on your period, you should mark Flow values for every day of your period. Pink Pad will know your period has ended when you have a day without Flow.
How are period and cycle length calculated?
On the Settings tab, you can press "Cycle" to set cycle preferences. You specify whether you want Pink Pad to average periods or whether to always use the same default cycle and period lengths. If you choose to average periods, you can further specify how many of the last periods to average and whether to ignore cycles that are beyond a certain length in days. Ignoring cycles that are too long is useful for cases where you forget to enter a period or when you're coming off of pregnancy. You can also choose to ignore cycles lengths that are too short. This is useful in case you forget to specify Flow for a day falling in the middle of your period, which would cause Pink Pad to treat these as two separate periods with a cycle length of only one day, which would cause the averages to be off.
What icons are shown on the calendar and what do they represent?
On iPhone, there is room for up to three icons for each day on the calendar. If there is flow, predicted period, spotting, fertility information, or a pregnancy due date, then an icon reflecting this will appear in the lower right-hand corner. If moods have been entered, the first first mood alphabetically will be shown in the lower left-hand corner. If weight, temperature, amorousness, or notes have been entered, an icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner. Note that if more than one of weight, temperature, amorousness, or notes have been entered, then a blue icon will be shown that represents the fact that multiple values have been entered.
What is luteal phase length?
Your luteal phase is the time between your ovulation and the first day of your next period after that ovulation. The average luteal phase length across women is about 14 days, but if you know otherwise, you can change this in the settings. The only way to know for sure is through a hormone blood test to determine ovulation. In Pink Pad, the luteal phase length is used to determine the date of ovulation and the 5 fertile days before and the 1 fertile day after ovulation.
What happens when I'm pregnant?
To indicate that you are pregnant, go to the Pink Pad Pregnancy settings and select "I am Pregnant". If you have entered periods, Pink Pad will use your last menstrual period to estimate your due date. You can enter this date in the due date picker or enter a more accurate date, if you happen to know it. Once you have indicated that you are pregnant in the settings, you will notice that the Pink Pad Home screen now shows your estimated due date, number of days until your due date, and your week and day number of pregnancy. In the calendar, predicted period and fertile days will no longer be shown. Instead, an embryo icon will appear on your due date.
What is calendar sync?
Pink Pad's calendar information is stored separately from your iOS device's calendar, but you can sync the two. Calendar sync allows you to add Pink Pad predicted periods or fertile days as all-day events on your iOS calendar. The sync is performed automatically each time you change your Flow information on a calendar day. By default, calendar sync is turned off for privacy. You may turn it on or off by going to the Settings tab and selecting Calendar Sync. You can choose the number of months in the future for which you wish to have predicted information shown. For example, if it is January 16, specifying 3 for the number of months will add predicted periods/fertile days up until April 16.
How do I change the units used for my weight and basal body temperature measurements?
On the Settings tab, go to the Measurements section. Here you can choose C or F for temperature measurements and pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg) for weight.
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